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NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS is a fortnightly podcast

featuring masterful performances of dark tales,

both old and new, by voice artist

Kristin Holland.


If you enjoy playful, chilling, compelling narrations

of short horror stories, this is the podcast for you.


If you'd like to gain access to our EXCLUSIVE EPISODES

(including our magnificent back catalogue)


and we'll take you to our Patreon subscriber page.


It's great way to support the show and you'll get even more of our

pernicious production.

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Host, Creator, Producer and Humble Narrator
Kristin is a Tasmanian born, now ‘mainland’ residing, Australian.
With a background in education and visual art, he decided to embrace a ‘Renaissance man’
approach to his working life and has subsequently worked as a professional musician, stage and
screen actor and voice over artist. He has appeared on the small screen in Neighbours, Rush,
The Pacific, Nightmares & Dreamscapes and City Homicide and on the large screen in Australian
feature film ‘The Sunset Six’.

A versatile and mercurial voice talent, he began his podcasting career as a regularly featured
performer on the ‘Simply Scary’ podcast before creating his own much lauded short horror story
podcast ‘NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS’ in 2017. He can also be heard as the voice of series
lead - Dr Malcolm Ryder Parapsychologist on the ‘A Voice From Darkness’ podcast.
NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS is a ‘one man show’ which means Kristin is kept very busy
selecting material, writing the episodes, adding audio production, editing, cooking up episode
artwork and promo clips, and (most importantly) performing the stories.
Happily it’s a labour of love so his sanity remains, at least partially, intact.

He receives encouragement in his endeavours from his faithful companion Ponyo the Carpathian
Hellhound and, of course, the faithful listeners out there in the dark who make it all worthwhile.

His favourite drink is scotch and his favourite type of music is good music.

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