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Nocturnal Transmissions is a fortnightly podcast featuring inspired performances of dark tales, both old and new, by voice artist Kristin Holland.

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most importantly,


watch the skies,  fear the dark  and don't trust anyone  ...especially yourself.


A nautical tale of angry waves and grisly acts.

All aboard for Adam L. G. Nevill's 'HIPPOCAMPUS'.

To commemorate the anniversary of the death of Edgar Allen Poe, NOCTURNAL TRANSMISSIONS presents


First published in 1843 this story is one of the most renown and popular of his macabre tales. 

On this, our diabolical 13th episode, what better time to meet 3 of the Bard's most diabolical ladies: The Weird Sisters.

Nocturnal Transmissions is proud to present

an extract from Act 4 Scene 1 of William Shakespeare's 'MACBETH'.

One dozen episodes. Obviously it's time for a story about an egg.

Nocturnal Transmissions is proud to present

Stephen Williams's 'AN EGG OF STONE AND STEEL'.

A true classic of the short horror genre.

Nocturnal Transmissions is very proud to present:
W. W. Jacob's 'THE MONKEY'S PAW'.

A story for anyone who's ever had a difficult encounter with a spider in their bathroom. 

Nocturnal Transmissions is proud to present:

Martin Smith's 'ANIMAL CRUELTY'.

If you've tired of zombie apocalypse tales, prepare to be chilled anew. We think this one is something special.

Nocturnal Transmissions is proud to present:

Patrick Meegan's 'HIERARCHY'.

One for the animal lovers.

Nocturnal Transmissions is proud to present 

Ian Sputnik's


LUCKY NUMBER 7. This time around we bring you the story of an unusual man with an unusual profession.

Nocturnal Transmissions is proud to present

Evan Osborne's


This episode we feature the story Kristin entered in the 1st round of the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights EVIL IDOL voice acting comp in 2016. 


Joseph Konrath's


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